Apartment Food Hobos


Posted in Booze, Rice, Salmon, Trout by apartmentfoodhobos on January 1, 2009

I am not sure why, but we chose an underwater Russian theme for Christmas dinner.  We cobbled together some interesting and spontaneous combinations.

Here’s our caviar and vodka shots.  Now this… THIS was a good combo.  Even though all we could afford was the worlds cheapest saltiest caviar.  I’m just being honest here but I almost shoplifted.  What, its never crossed your mind?

Don’t worry, I didn’t.

Bottom pic is our salmon.  Mustard seed, thyme, orange peel, garlic and spice crust.  Dill and lemon garnish.

We also freaked out and made a tomato horse-radish and tobasco sauce.  Not pictured is our smoked trout pate.  Oh my god, we also had oysters.  Smoked oysters.

Cheese and wine, natch.




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