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Posted in Beef, Cabbage by apartmentfoodhobos on March 9, 2008


Hey nobody ever said snausages were pretty.  It wasn’t easy to take a picture that didn’t look like severed greasy thumbs.  Everything here was going good health wise (organic Thai rice, organic locally grown cabbage, organic grapefruit and greens salad)… and then we had to “go for the gold” so to speak and drop a few sausages in there.  JRW ate like seventeen.  Gross huh?

I think these made me fat.

Here’s how I made the cabbage.  Was tempted to add some kale but naaahhh….

-Bunch of cabbage
-Bunch of apple cider vinegar to taste
-Sugar or honey
-Lil bit of salt
-Fennel seeds

Heat the tiniest bit of oil in a big pan, add your sliced cabbage, top with the seeds, sugar, and vinegar.  Close the lid, cook for 40 mins so it softens and steams itself.  Yes, your whole house will smell like farts.  Tis the magic of cabbage.  Add a bit of salt at the end.  Adjust all your amounts to taste.