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Okay, okay

Posted in Hot Dogs, Texas by apartmentfoodhobos on May 25, 2007


Ok, now that you have some visuals, let me tell you a tale, the story of BACON WRAPPED HOT DOGS. Uh huh. You heard correctly, homeboys and homegirls. But it gets better. Forget having your mind blown, prepare to have your lid removed:

1) Take some Hebrew Nationals (hot dogs, dawg). Cook ’em like a regular person would, a sane person.

2) Slice ’em open. Insert a few slices 0f cheese. These might have been done with Swiss, but I couldn’t tell you, because some amazing things are about to happen, and you probably wouldn’t even notice if it was Gouda or something by the end of it all.

3) GET THIS: Wrap them in BACON. Yeah, this is really happening. Pinch yourself if you must.


5) It gets even crazier here. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Spoon on a sea of CHILI, and an assload of onions, and MORE CHEESE. Shredded.

6) Let me reiterate, please see #4.

Check me out in the 4th pic, I’m just wolfing that shizz down. I chased my Texas Tony ( that’s what they’re called) with 3 more chili dogs. In the last pic, you can see everyone was jonesing for it.

CORRECTION: KJJ just told me it was American cheese. Whatever, it all ruled. But the experience will probably give you insane gas (if you do it correctly). Remember that when you’re deciding who to eat these with. I’m married, so it’s cool-JRW