Apartment Food Hobos


Posted in Cod, Kohlrabi, Potatoes, Salad by apartmentfoodhobos on June 1, 2008

But we always come back, like a bad rash.  JRW was busy these last few months composing his rock opera tribute to Grand Funk which prevented us from eating or writing since March.  Hey guess what, also– we paid the bill and our gas got turned back on so we fired up the stove!

Hey we also got some new cookbooks – Bulgarian, Romanian, Slovenian and Croatian!  Yeah dudes.  Also been lately educating ourselves about the crucial need to eat organic.  Alrighty so lets get to it… what you see above is a kohlrabi salad and some cod (precious cod) cooked in parchment with new potatoes, olives, parsley and lemon.  The olives give a wonderful flavour – don’t be skimpy.  To make just heat the oven to say 350 degrees, and wrap all that goodness up like you were mailing a letter.  25 minutes later it will arrive on your plate, ready to be eaten.

Kohlrabi looks like its from outer space.  A single nugget will net you salad for two if you feel me.