Apartment Food Hobos


Posted in Mango, Salmon by apartmentfoodhobos on July 9, 2007


Whats up buttercup? Here is something nice to put on top of salmon. Its a mango salsa. But don’t cringe– its not really a “salsa”, all sad and old and canned and thick. Its pieces of mango and pineapple with cumin and garlic powder mixed into it. Oh and warm roasted walnuts. That red oooze creeping up the side there is cajun okra gumbo type of dealy, but without any shrimp. I mean how much sea life should one family devour in a meal?

Did you just get a shudder? Or a bit of a foreshadowing chill? And not exactly know what it was? I can tell you now what it was. It was a sense of the future. It was something you, in the future, will be able to HEAR through the internet. It is the sound of the following AMPLIFIERS that JRW thinks he is going to establish in our one bedroom home.


So like. I guess where I’m going with this is… its going to get really fucking loud(er) in our apartment that somehow holds a painting studio, a digital design space, 1 retarded cat, 2 near-death goldfish, a gourmet f’ing kitchen…

and a whole lot of love and affection.


Here’s where I’ll be living.  Eating cans of beans and drinking stovetop espresso.  Saving money for my eardrum repair operations.