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Posted in Peppers by apartmentfoodhobos on September 30, 2008

Whatsup haters?

I had to do something with the random assortment of peppers piling up in my fridge, so I decided to roast them.  I used a protective hand salve before I started removing the seeds.  Thought I was doing okay, but to no avail.  The burning under my fingernails lasted 3 straight days.  I won’t even explain how I removed my contact lenses.

I think most of these were Hatch peppers.. from Hatch, New Mexico.  They are a goddam delicacy!  I’m no pepper identifying expert, so I can’t tell you what some of the others might be.  I know there were a few jalapenos that I skipped roasting, for fear of my eyes bleeding.

I had all the doors and windows open and had the kitchen fans going – as the last thing I wanted was a mustard gas (chili gas) situation, and I was roasting these indoors under the broiler.  Man it smelled good.  They should make a Hatch Pepper Hair Shampoo and Body Spray.  How very spicy!!

The only bummer in the summer about this whole situation is that I very briefly steamed these after roasting, then put them in the freezer for a later date.  So I have not yet had a chance to taste the outcome!