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Posted in Cappuccino, Italian, Playboy by apartmentfoodhobos on July 26, 2007

1. I plan on scanning (and cooking) recipes from our personal favorite era of Playboy magazine: 1969-1974.  The recipes will blow.  your.  mind.  It seems like it was an era (as represented in Playboy) of casseroles, platters, meat smothered in other meat, and cans of things.  Canned cocktail weenies arranged on a platter casserole.  And we cannot forget the inclusion of BOOZE in nearly everything.  Casserole of bourbon canned chicken.  Its gonna be gross!  And oh so sexy.

2. Is Cappuccino a breakfast drink or an after dinner drink?  A recent article in a gourmet magazine noted that when the author was in Tuscany, cappuccino was not served after 12 noon, as the inclusion of milk made it a breakfast drink.  But I always thought it was an after dinner treat, and that it was supposedly tacky to order it at any other time.  So whats the deal?   I’m very curious now.  I’ve had about 15 cappuccinos in 2 days alone just trying to figure this one out.

Per Wikipedia:

“In Italy, cappuccino is generally consumed early in the day as part of the breakfast, with a croissant, better known to Italians as cornetto, or a pastry. Generally, Italians do not drink cappuccino with meals other than breakfast. In other countries it is consumed throughout the day or after dinner.”

Hmmm but we all know Wikipedia is a piece of crap.  I’ll phone up Austria  (where cappuccino comes from) and ask them directly.