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Posted in Asparagus, Cod, Prosciutto by apartmentfoodhobos on June 1, 2008

Here is another variation on the fish cooked in parchment.  You see its very easy to do, and the fish loses none of its flavour, and is not sunk like a fried heaping mess in oil.

This time its fresh organic thyme, olives, sun-dried tomato, salt and pepper, dill, capers, and whats that?  Yes, its a big clove of garlic.  Be sure to dry the fish well before you put it in the parchment, do not add too much extra oil, and salt and pepper it before sealing it up.  The fish will steam itself and be very juicy when it comes out.  We served this one with some fresh greens seasoned with prosciutto also known as HAM.

I know what good is.